Krolewskie Jadlo recommends:

Stuffed quails $14.50
Morel sauce, sauté veggies

Grilled Pheasant breast $14.50
Balsamic fig sauce, sweet potatoes puree, beets puree

Stuffed Wild Boar $14.00
Pepper cognac sauce, horse radish potatoes

Venison walnut meat balls $14.00
Wild mushroom truffle oil sauce, garden polish dumplings

Beef Strogonow served in bread $11.00
Potatoes, veggies

Grilled pork shoulder in honey $10.50
Potatoes, veggies

Grilled Hanger Steak $14.00
Sweet dark beer sauce, mashed potatoes, creamy spinach

Polish Plate $12.00
Stuffed cabbage, pierogies, potato pancakes, sausage, veggies

Bassa Swai in almonds $12.50
Orange citrus sauce, roasted potatoes

Sausage, blood sausage, bacon, pierogies,
hunter stew, grilled pork, grilled chicken

Sausage, blood sausage, bacon, pierogies, hunter stew, grilled pork,
grilled chicken, chicken and pork shish kebab

Korytas are served with two sides of veggies and roasted potatoes


Chicken noodle $2.75

Ukrainian borscht $3.50 (veg)

White borscht $3.50

Tomato $3.00

Tripe $4.50

Borscht with dumplings $3.75

Borscht with croquet $4.50

Pickled cucumber $3.00


Chef's pierogies with chanterelle mushroom sauce $8.00
Goat cheese, spinach

Veal liver in honey $7.00
Apples, calvados, balsamic

Little bags full of pheasant $7.00
Blackcurrant sauce

King's potato pancakes $7.00
Smoked salmon, herb cream

Beef tartar $8.00
Onion, pickles, pickled mushrooms, capers

Stuffed mushrooms $6.75

Grilled blood sausage $6.75
Sauté cabbage

Grilled bacon $6.75
Honey mustard sauce

Bacon stuffed with plum $6.50


Grilled pork chop with mushrooms $10.00
Potatoes, veggies

Grilled chicken kebab $10.00
Garlic sauce, Potatoes, veggies

Grilled pork kebab $10.00
BBQ sauce, Potatoes, veggies

Hocks baked in beer $10.00
Potatoes, veggies

Beef Goulash $10.00
Potatoes, veggies

Hungarian pancake 11.50

Pork cutlet in crepes dough with mushrooms $10.25
Potatoes, veggies

Stuffed cabbage in tomato sauce $9.00
Potatoes, veggies

Fish in Greek style $9.75
Potatoes, veggies

Grilled kielbasa $8.75
Home French fries

Fried fish filet $9.75
Potatoes, veggies

Veal liver with onions $10.00
Potatoes, veggies

Chicken cutlet $9.50
Potatoes, veggies

Pork cutlet $9.50
Potatoes, veggies

Grilled chicken filet in herbs $9.50
Potatoes, veggies

Sauerkraut, mushroom and meat cooked in red wine $8.50

Polish dumplings, roasted potatoes, home made French fries $1.50

Vegetarian dishes and pierogis

Soya and apples "meat balls" $9.00
Dill thyme sauce, Potatoes, veggies

Grilled Stuffed crepes $8.50
Cheese, mushroom, spinach

Garden dumpling in chanterelle mushroom sauce $7.00

Stuffed eggplant cutlets $8.50
Cheese, Potatoes, veggies

- with cheese $8.00
- with strawberry jam $7.50
- with blueberry jam $7.50
- with cherry jam $7.50

Home made Pierogies
- cheese and potatoes $7.00
- sauerkraut and mushrooms $7.00
- meat $7.00
- mixed $7.00
- cheese (sweet) $7.00

Potatoes pancakes $7.50

Apple crapes $7.50

Fresh spinach salad $7.00

Caesar salad $6.50

Caesar salad with chicken $9.00


Home made apple pie with ice cream and strawberries sauce $3.75

Warm chocolate apple pie with vanilla ice cream $3.75

Pears poached in wine and bourbon $3.75

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