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Dishes served in King's Feast restaurant exude intense flavors and homey textures. The high quality of our dishes is represented by the large amount of the regular quests that we have. The specialty of our kitchen is the old fashioned polish cuisine. All the dishes are very flavorful and the quantity on the plate resembles old king's times.


Our most popular dishes are: Roasted duck legs in apples
...and delicious trout in yogurt herb sauce.
In our restaurant you can try traditional polish soups like white borscht or tripe soup which is served in bread.
Every day we serve four special that include flavorful chicken roll stuffed with spinach and walnuts with apple vodka sauce or delicious baby lamb chops in blackcurrant sauce.
As a hot starter we recommend traditional, Polish pierogi.
The most popular cold appetizers are beef tartar served with capers, mushroom, onions and pickles or herring in cream.
King's potato pancakes, which are small potato pancakes with herb cream and smoked salmon.
Venison meat balls, with wild mushroom truffle sauce, garden polish dumplings
Pears poached in wine and bourbon
KORYTO FOR FOUR PEOPLE: Sausage, blood sausage, bacon, pierogies, hunter stew, grilled pork, grilled chicken, chicken and pork shish kebab, served with two sides of veggies and roasted potatoes

Despite of what you would choose you can be sure that the presentation and flavors of all of the dishes will satisfy you and you stomach and you will definitely become our new regular guest. Our goal is to be the best polish restaurant in New York. It will not be easy to achieve but we will do everything to accomplish our mission.

  • 694 Manhattan Avenue, between Nassau and Norman, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY 11222, tel: 718 383 8993
  • 66-21 Fresh Pond Rd and Palmetto St, Ridgewood, Queens, NY 11385, tel: 718 366 6226