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Krolewskie Jadlo, “King’s Feast”

Nobu-trained chef Krzysztof Drzewiecki opened his first restaurant, Krolewski Jadlo, on Manhattan Avenue in 2005. In the years since, Krolewskie Jadlo, or “King’s Feast”, has become a Greenpoint staple. While the neighborhood has changed a great deal over time, Greenpoint has remained true to its Polish roots. Your Greenpoint experience isn’t complete without a taste of our authentic cuisine!

Polish cuisine is more than just meat and potatoes—it’s as rich and unique as Polish history itself! Over the course of many centuries, the developing Polish cuisine was influenced by French, Italian, German and Russian flavors. Many dishes like Beef Stroganoff, Scaloppini, and Pâté found a home on Polish menus. Come experience this eclectic cuisine for yourself at Krolewskie Jadlo!

For a true taste of Polish cuisine, we recommend our Stuffed Wild Board with pepper cognac sauce, or our Venison & Walnut Meatballs with wild mushroom truffle oil sauce and Polish garden dumplings. Vegetarians will enjoy our Chef’s Pierogies, delicious Soya & Apple “Meatballs”, or another dish from our extensive list of meatless options.

Krolewskie Jadlo serves dishes that will satisfy even the most sophisticated palates. Come fall in love with our delicious Polish cuisine.

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